Own Hell

Persephone’s Ball, while a blog about botanicals, cannabinoids, and the natural world, is inspired by the act of becoming one's own solution and in turn, evolving the situation into a completely different reality.

The story Persephone is the most heroic and nuanced of the Greek myths. Especially compared to the Argonauts. The Argonauts basically looked for trouble to brag about. Perspehone fought the monster that came for her

Persephone, the original self-help guru of reframing, worked through the shoulds and shouldn'ts of the situation to rule hell and become the Goddess of Spring. Not only does she negotiate the terms of her imprisonment but she becomes its compassionate and powerful queen.



Question Everything

In 2018, my face erupted in a fit of stress and hormones.. Anything I purchased, from the most expensive to the crunchiest, last ditch, Hail Mary balm only made things worse. My face, was consumed by inflammation.

That year, I started to create my own skin solutions. Working with two ingredients at a time, I experimented with different butters, oils, ratios, and applications. I made a ton of different hydrosols and pages of notes slashed down between steps in the process. Limiting my ingredients allowed me to focus on each ingredient’s benefits and characteristics.

Things began to evolve for the better. My skin cleared up, calmed down, and began to... glow.

I started sharing my experiments.

Some of what I made became solutions for friends with reactive skin and inflammation. While I decided against selling most of my products, I've posted those recipes for anyone who needs to calm their skin down and repair their skin's microbiome. If you try a recipe, get in touch and tell me about your experience!