About Face
About Face
The original 2-ingredient super healing, calming salve formula

Face OG

At its heart, Face is an infusion of cupuaçu butter and cucumber seed oil. I still return to the formula of 40% raw, unrefined cupuaçu butter and 60% cucumber seed oil when I’ve gone a little too squirrely with a new sunscreen. .

Cupuacu is a healing butter and cucumber seed oil is light and easy to absorb. Sometimes skin can regulate itself if it’s allowed it to replenish its complex biome without being pushed around by cleansing chemicals and well-intentioned but zealous preservatives. Sometimes, it just needs a lipid protecting hug and a little rewilding. Face, in any version, is created to protect the skin barrier, draw moisture in, slow transdermal water loss, and heal inflamed, yelly-skin. Like living in your parents’ basement or marrying a narcissist, a two ingredient balm is not a longterm life-solution, but Face does stave off a storm of reactivity that will only build upon itself like credit card debt and a string of bad life choices. .

About cupuaçu Butter

Edible, easy on sensitive skin, quick to absorb cupuaçu is having a moment in skincare. People with science degrees have observed cupuaçu’s healing properties – especially for psoriasis.   As butters go, it is quick-to-absorb, and less greasy than the shea, mango, or kokum butters that I’ve worked with. It is comedogenic af and daily application of Face can be tricky… but definitely rewarding.

About Cucumber Seed Oil

There’s a lot said about cucumber oil, mostly by the people who sell it. Though I haven’t found any credible science of cucumber seed oil, I like it for the fact that it is light and a great counterpart to cupuaçu. It is cooling, especially when skin is in a cycle of indignant rants. I’ve updated the Face mix to incorporate other oils. But the base will always be a cucurbit seed oil and cupuacu.).